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How it works


The concept of Wyzads

Wyzads proprietary software links any display with both our mobile app and web app, allowing us and our customers to deploy advertising instantly and easily.

Whether you want to take control of your own in-store displays or display your ads in our public network, our software makes the entire process effortless and smarter.

Our services

Digital signage
Digital billboard
Graphic design

You own the screens.
We bring the tech.

Do you wish to increase sales? Improve client and audience experience? Support consistent brand image? Get to your business objectives? Wyzads is the way to go!
We enjoy creating smart, young and efficient digital solutions. Invite us over and we will make all of it possible.

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Go big or go home.
You choose.

Located on a higly visible and heavy traffic road, this digital billboard is a great time effective and flexible form of outdoor advertising in Pétionville. Optimize your ad spending and work synergistically with other content to enhance your return on investment. Engage and develop an interaction with consummers through unlimited creative executions.

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No ads?
No problem!

Graphic design is a tool that attracts the masses to brands and that drives advertising.

Contact us and let us put a media in motion for you, a media that will make your brand look great in the eyes of all your potential clients.


TV Commercials

Wyzads for NuTV

With NuTV and Wyzads, use 21 international channels to show your ads more than 500 times a day to more than 30 000 viewers.

Pétionville Haiti
2 Screens

Épi d'Or
Pétionville Haiti
2 Screens

Épi d'Or
Delmas 52 Haiti
4 Screens

Delimart (Épi d'Or)
Delmas 32 Haiti
2 Screens

Megamart (Épi d'Or)
Delmas 30 Haiti
2 Screens

Épi d'Or
Ave Magloire Ambroise Haiti
1 Screen

Épi d'Or
Carrefour Haiti
2 Screens

Marché Ti Tony
2 Screens

Dépôt Saco Food
2 Screens

Dépôt Gigi
2 Screens

Épi d'Or
Lalue Haiti
2 Screens

Dépôt Liora Food 1
2 Screens

Dépôt Liora Food 2
2 Screens

Dépôt Tout Moun
2 Screens

Dépôt Salem 1
2 Screens

Dépôt Salem 2
2 Screens

Public networks

Food depots

Reach a diversified audience of 15 000 people per day in our supermarket network.

Through Caribbean Supermarket, Big Star Supermarket and Compas market, use 20 different ad displays to showcase your products or your services.


Epi D’Or is where families, students and workers meet.

Through 11 different point of sales, reach an audience of 9 000 people per day by promoting your products on our 15 digital ad displays.


Our warehouses near the SHODECOSA area are very efficient for communication.

With 16 digital screens installed around the different warehouses, reach an audience of 12 000 people per day. Make them buy your products when they have cash in hand.


The international airport greets about 2 million travellers every year.

Throughout our strategic ad displays around the airport, you can make a great impact showcasing your products.


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